January 17, 2010

Quick Notes on the Road

As I am on the road, I decided to briefly post some of the most remarkable news making headlines throughout the Middle East. They are listed in no particular order:

1) Neither Turkish prime-minister Receb Tayyeb Erdogan, nor President Abdullah Gul agreed to meet with Israeli Defense minister Ehud Barak. The boycott comes after a recent diplomatic spat between the two concerning a Turkish TV show. Turkey demanded an official apology after Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister literally talked down to Turkey's ambassador to Tel Aviv.

2) President Mahmoud Abbass Abu Mazen personally asked the Palestinian Authority's representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council to postpone the discussion of the Goldstone Report for six months. This news serves yet another blow to the credibility and legitimacy of Abbass with the Palestinians.

3) Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood elected its eighth "Supreme Guide." Dr. Muhammad Badie', a low-profile conservative, to fill in the post. His term begins after a harsh crackdown on many members of the Islamist group, and ahead of the much-anticipated parliamentary and presidential elections. Most analysts expect the Muslim Brothers not to actively partake in the political process for the foreseeable future, and focus instead on social services and Islamic preaching.

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