February 2, 2011

Mubarak's Counterattack

Hosni Mubarak refuses to heed the calls of demonstrators to step down, and allow a democratic transition. Instead, his plan became obvious yesterday. After giving a defiant speech in which he promised not to run for the next presidential elections (but without offering any meaningful democratic reforms), Mubarak released scores of thugs and plainclothes security officers to terrorize the peaceful demonstrators. These attackers chanted pro-Mubarak slogans to give the media the impression that there are two sides to the story. There were also pro-Mubarak marches composed almost entirely of government employees. The military mysteriously withdrew from Tahrir Square to allow the thugs and plainclothes policemen to attack the peaceful protests.

It should be abundantly clear at this point that Mubarak has zero intention to introduce any democratic reforms, or oversee an orderly transition. If anything, it appears he plans to turn Egypt into Saddam Hussein's Iraq. This is why the revolution cannot be allowed to fail.

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grant marlier said...

I just saw the anti-Mubarak protesters building walls on the streets to keep back the pro-Mubarak people throwing rocks at them.

Neither the military nor the police is stepping in between the sides. Using bullets seems out of the question.

The protesters will have to defend themselves. They ultimately seem to have far greater numbers, and are building defensible perimeters.

However, they have no access to ambulances, which will be necessary for many of the injuries caused by the violence. And they are surrounded.

Regardless of what the military demands, however, the protesters seem committed to staying.